Retinal vasculitis imaging by adaptive optics.

  title={Retinal vasculitis imaging by adaptive optics.},
  author={M H Errera and Sol{\`e}ne Coisy and Christine Fardeau and Jos{\'e} Alain Sahel and Sofi{\`e}ne Kallel and Mark C Westcott and Bahram Bodaghi and Michel P{\^a}ques},
  volume={121 6},
Retinal vessels may be affected by inflammatory processes of various origins, usually within the context of uveitis. Retinal vasculitis can lead to vascular occlusion and/or rupture of the blooderetinal barrier, and therefore can be the cause of severe visual loss. Retinal vasculitis is usually defined by the presence of ophthalmoscopically visible whitish perivascular infiltrates. Veins are more often affected than arteries. Additional evidence of vascular inflammation is the staining of the… CONTINUE READING
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