Retinal detachment neuropathology and potential strategies for neuroprotection.


Understanding the neuropathology of retinal detachment from postmortem and animal models allows identification of cellular targets, receptors and mediators for pharmacological manipulation. In this review, concepts of retinal detachment and neuropathology are examined at cellular and structural anatomical levels using postmortem and animal model data. Possible neuroprotective strategies are reviewed in the setting of the new environment created by successful retinal reattachment surgery.

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@article{Kubay2005RetinalDN, title={Retinal detachment neuropathology and potential strategies for neuroprotection.}, author={Olena Kubay and David G. Charteris and Henry Simpson Newland and Grant L Raymond}, journal={Survey of ophthalmology}, year={2005}, volume={50 5}, pages={463-75} }