Retinal and choroidal microangiopathies: therapeutic opportunities.

  title={Retinal and choroidal microangiopathies: therapeutic opportunities.},
  author={Aqeela Afzal and Lynn Calvin Shaw and Alexander V Ljubimov and Micheal E Boulton and Mark S. Segal and Maria B Grant},
  journal={Microvascular research},
  volume={74 2-3},
Pathological angiogenesis in the retina and underlying choroid is a major cause of visual impairment in all age groups. The last decade has seen an explosion in the clinical availability of antiangiogenic compounds. Emphasis has been placed on inhibitors of the VEGF signaling pathway and considerable success has been achieved with aptamers and antibodies that bind VEGF. However, regression of neovascularization is rarely permanent and the regrowth of new vessels, often within a few months… CONTINUE READING
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