Reticulate or tree-like chloroplast DNA evolution in Sileneae (Caryophyllaceae)?

  title={Reticulate or tree-like chloroplast DNA evolution in Sileneae (Caryophyllaceae)?},
  author={Per Erixon and Bengt Oxelman},
  journal={Molecular phylogenetics and evolution},
  volume={48 1},
Despite sampling of up to 25kb of chloroplast DNA sequence from 24 species in Sileneae a number of nodes in the phylogeny remain poorly supported and it is not expected that additional sequence sampling will converge to a reliable phylogenetic hypothesis in these parts of the tree. The main reason for this is probably a combination of rapid radiation and substitution rate heterogeneity. Poor resolution among closely related species are often explained by low levels of variation in chloroplast… CONTINUE READING
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