Rethinking the Rwandan Narrative for the 25th Anniversary

  title={Rethinking the Rwandan Narrative for the 25th Anniversary},
  author={G. Caplan},
  journal={Genocide Studies International},
  pages={152 - 190}
  • G. Caplan
  • Published 2018
  • History
  • Genocide Studies International
Abstract:Twenty-five years after the notorious genocide of Rwanda's Tutsi, heated arguments still prevail about key aspects of the event. At the moment, the greatest dispute concerns the behavior of the Rwanda Patriotic Front, the mostly-Tutsi rebel group that drove the genocidaires from the country and ended up ruling Rwanda to this day. The prevailing school of historiography, one embraced by a majority of scholars and promoted ceaselessly by the RPF government under President Paul Ka-game… Expand
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