Rethinking the Rise and Fall of the Malayan Security Service, 1946–48

  title={Rethinking the Rise and Fall of the Malayan Security Service, 1946–48},
  author={Roger C. Arditti and Philip H. J. Davies},
  journal={The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History},
  pages={292 - 316}
  • R. ArdittiP. Davies
  • Published 15 March 2015
  • Political Science
  • The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History
An item of conventional wisdom in our understanding of the Malayan First Emergency is that the original security organisation, the Malayan Security Service (MSS), was a comprehensive failure, prompting its dissolution and replacement with the Malayan Special Branch. This article challenges that orthodoxy, arguing first that MSS actually produced accurate assessments of Malayan Communist capabilities and intentions prior to 1948 although the actual outbreak of violence did come as a tactical… 
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