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Rethinking the Man Question: sex, gender and violence in international relations

  title={Rethinking the Man Question: sex, gender and violence in international relations},
  author={Terrell Carver},
“A room of one’s own(?)” in battlespace – women soldiers in war rooms
ABSTRACT At present, women serve in a variety of combat roles and combat support positions in various militaries around the globe. In parallel, new technologies of warfare are transferring more andExpand
Sexing the disabled veteran: the homoerotic aesthetics of militarism
ABSTRACT This article examines a recent Kickstarter campaign, titled Always Loyal, aimed at funding the publication of a photographic project, with the intent of investigating its gendered and sexualExpand
Constructing radical right populist resistance: metaphors of heterosexist masculinities and the family question in Sweden
The construction of radical right populist resistance around metaphors ofmasculinity at the beginning of the 21st century is a little researched area. Thisarticle accounts for the discursiveExpand
Versions of violence: Zimbabwe's domestic violence law and symbolic politics of protection
This article argues that political uses of violence and discursive representations of violence are part of a political discourse of legitimacy in Zimbabwean politics, and that this discourse reliesExpand
“In Our Culture”—How Debates about Zimbabwe's Domestic Violence Law Became a “Culture Struggle”
This article analyses a debate about the political definition of “culture” and “tradition” in Zimbabwe, sparked by the introduction of domestic violence legislation in 2006. The debate is analysedExpand
Inventing the Swedish (War) Veteran
ABSTRACT Research on military veterans often stresses the importance of controlling and ascribing meaning to the bodies of veterans, both for recruitment purposes and for retaining legitimacy ofExpand
Training the Troops on Gender: The Making of a Transnational Practice
ABSTRACT Over the past two decades, the international Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda has established a commitment to increase the participation of women in matters of peace and security, toExpand
A Well-Founded Fear of Environment: International Resistance to Climate Refugees
Through agreements and conventions, many in the international community recognize climate change as a threat to livelihood. The correlation between climate change and environmental degradation hasExpand
British terrorism preemption: Subjectivity and disjuncture in Channel "de-radicalization" interventions.
  • T. Pettinger
  • Medicine, Sociology
  • The British journal of sociology
  • 2020
Channel "de-radicalization" interventions, which take place on individuals suspected of having the potential to commit terrorist crimes, are examined, which demonstrates how the practice of preemptive counter-terrorism is subsumed inherently by-even relies upon-subjectivity and human prejudice, and fundamental disagreements between practitioners. Expand
Celebrity Humanitarianism: Using Tropes of Engagement to Understand North/South Relations
Celebrity humanitarianism has been transformed in its scope, scale, and organization in the last thirty years. Its flourishing has generated considerable academic interest from a wide variety ofExpand