Rethinking the Flâneur: Flânerie and the Senses

  title={Rethinking the Fl{\^a}neur: Fl{\^a}nerie and the Senses},
  author={Aim{\'e}e Boutin},
  pages={124 - 132}

A body passes by: the flâneur and the senses in nineteenth-century London and Paris

Abstract The flâneur is well-known for being the most emblematic nineteenth-century observer of urban life. Critics have often compared the flâneur to a camera eye which records everything and

Reading Baudelaire's Le Spleen de Paris and the Nineteenth-Century Prose Poem

Through its readings of Charles Baudelaire’s collection Le Spleen de Paris and other prose poems from the nineteenth century, this book considers the practice of reading prose poetry and how it

The Laboratorium: Nineteenth-Century French Studies in the Anglophone Sphere

ABSTRACT This is the first instalment of a two-part thematic review of nineteenth-century French research in the Anglophone sphere. The review sets aside the standard sub-disciplinary categories in

Le Flâneur du tiers monde: diri, liyan, dan kisah perjalanan dalam Bon Voyage Monsieur Le Président!

Tidak seperti subgenre lain, sastra perjalanan hendak menegaskan narasi yang dibangunnya berasal dari persepsi objektif. Selain untuk meyakinkan pembaca, sastra perjalanan ingin menekankan jika

Bir Flaneuse Yolculuğu Olarak 'İşe Yarar Bir Şey'

Bu calisma Ise Yarar Bir sey (Pelin Esmer, 2017) adli filmdeki tren yolculugunu ve kent icindeki gezintiyi baskarakter Leyla’nin disil bakisini temsilen flaneus kavrami cercevesinde degerlendirmek

«Anhelo la libertad de salir sola: ir, venir, sentarme…». La flâneuse entre dos siglos: del XIX a la mujer moderna en la Edad de Plata española

A promenade is an activity developed at the public space, in which, both, body and gaze, are implied to see and to be seen by others. The literary flâneur has been set as the prototype of the modern

Strolling the Streets to Discover the Cities: Cosmopolitan Collage in the Independent Magazine Flaneur

The modern indie magazine Flaneur: Fragments of a Street, an English-language periodical published in Germany from 2013 onwards and distributed worldwide, examines a single street of a foreign city

Haptic Exploration of Urban Belgrade—Uniting Female Gazes through the Project Wa(o)ndering Women

The study attempts to discover elements of learning by practicing the right to the city through the embodiment and re-articulation of the identity of the ​âneuse​. In this urban investigation, we

The Visible Flâneuse in Chan Ling Yap’s Where the Sunrise is Red

Malaysia’s historical image in literature has almost always been exotically depicted. In some parts of literary works, geographical and physical settings serve merely as a literary device. The

The Gastronomy of the Eye

Works of art can be read at various levels: from being objects of simple retinal pleasure to the other extreme of being significant critical statements of their time. This chapter aims to strike a



The flâneur in social theory

The Invisible Flâneur


The 14th International Symposium on Novel Aromatic Compounds (ISNA-14), held in Eugene, OR, USA from 24 to 29 July 2011, dealt with broad themes: molecular design, geometry, and function, realized

Du flâneur au consommateur : spectacle et consommation sur les Grands Boulevards, 1840-1914

Cet article examine la modernite des Grands Boulevards, lieu de spectacle, et souligne leur aspect commercial. Reconnus a l’origine comme une promenade remplie de scenes fugaces, stimulantes


Parallelement a l'emergence d'un pouvoir central invisible et omnipresent apparaissent des personnages proteiformes qui constituent de veritables mythes, et que l'on retrouve dans la litterature. Le

Le flâneur dans l’espace urbain

La notion de flâneur, codifiee par W. Benjamin et son œuvre sur les « passages » de Paris, est employee des la fin du XIXe siecle pour designer les poetes et les intellectuels qui, en se promenant,

Scenes of Parisian Modernity: Culture and Consumption in the Nineteenth Century

Introduction PART I: 1815-1848 Consumption as Urban Pleasure: the Rise of Modern Consumer Culture Paris, the Capital of Amusement, Fashion and Modernity Fashion Discourses in Fashion Magazines and