Rethinking marine insurance and plastic pollution: food for thought

  title={Rethinking marine insurance and plastic pollution: food for thought},
  author={Ndubuisi Nwafor and Tony R. Walker},
  journal={Resources Conservation and Recycling},
A Critical Analysis of Causation Rules in Marine Insurance
<div><table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" align="left"><tbody><tr><td align="left" valign="top"><p class="AbstractText">The United Kingdom has regulated Marine Insurance in great detail in some
Advanced Development of Sensors’ Roles in Maritime-Based Industry and Research: From Field Monitoring to High-Risk Phenomenon Measurement
The development of human civilization over the last decade has reached a landmark as Industry 4.0 has been widely introduced. Several aspects of industry and manufacturing activities are changing due
Attitudinal and behavioural segments on single-use plastics in Ghana: Implications for reducing marine plastic pollution
Abstract Recent research attention has been directed at legislative and market-based instruments with little recourse to understanding attitudinal and behavioural responses to single-use plastics
Development of a bioactive chitosan HPMC-based membrane with tea polyphenols encapsulated in β-cyclodextrin as an effective enhancement
Abstract Biodegradable membranes of chitosan and its composite with other natural polymers provide a promising solution for biomaterials. To further improve the antibacterial activities of chitosan


Global ecological, social and economic impacts of marine plastic.
It is demonstrated that all ecosystem services are impacted to some extent by the presence of marine plastic, with a reduction in provision predicted for all except one, which is evidenced to have implications for human health and wellbeing.