Rethinking intractable conflict: the perspective of dynamical systems.

  title={Rethinking intractable conflict: the perspective of dynamical systems.},
  author={Robin R. Vallacher and Peter T. Coleman and Andrzej Nowak and Lan Bui-Wrzosinska},
  journal={The American psychologist},
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Intractable conflicts are demoralizing. Beyond destabilizing the families, communities, or international regions in which they occur, they tend to perpetuate the very conditions of misery and hate that contributed to them in the first place. Although the common factors and processes associated with intractable conflicts have been identified through research, they represent an embarrassment of riches for theory construction. Thus, the current task in this area is integrating these diverse… Expand
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Intractable Conflict as an Attractor
Decades of research on social conflict has contributed to researchers' understanding of a wide variety of psychological, social, and community-based aspects of conflict escalation and intractability.Expand
Paradigmatic Framing of Protracted, Intractable Conflict: Toward the Development of a Meta-framework-II
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Chaos, complexity and conflict
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From Intractable Conflict Through Conflict Resolution To Reconciliation: Psychological Analysis
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Peace is in Movement: A Dynamical Systems Perspective on the Emergence of Peace in Mozambique
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Moral Conflict and Complexity: The Dynamics of Constructive Versus Destructive Discussions Over Polarizing Issues
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Conflict, Complexity, and Change: A Meta-Framework for Addressing Protracted, Intractable Conflicts—III
Conflicts that endure despite repeated good faith attempts to resolve them are considered intractable. Such conflicts can exist at the family, organizational, community, and international levels andExpand
Characteristics of Protracted, Intractable Conflict: Toward the Development of a Metaframework-I
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Seeking Sustainable Solutions: Using an Attractor Simulation Platform for Teaching Multistakeholder Negotiation in Complex Cases
A negotiation workshop that employs the simulation to enhance participants' understanding of complex long-term dynamics in conflict is described and the findings of two outcome studies suggest that an understanding of the dynamical approach to conflict can promote the generation of more sustainable solutions for long- term conflicts. Expand