Rethinking indigenous media: rituals, ‘talking’ drums and orality as forms of public communication in Uganda

  title={Rethinking indigenous media: rituals, ‘talking’ drums and orality as forms of public communication in Uganda},
  author={Aaron Mushengyezi},
  journal={Journal of African Cultural Studies},
  pages={107 - 117}
  • Aaron Mushengyezi
  • Published 1 June 2003
  • Political Science
  • Journal of African Cultural Studies
The current discourse on globalization has many far-reaching implications not only for African economics and politics, but also for the vital question of how we communicate in a ‘global village’. African governments and their development partners often tend to extrapolate communication models from the developed world and apply them wholesale in local environments in Africa that are quite unique. This paper argues that such communication strategies often do not impact on the rural masses for… 

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ntroduction Africans together with their development partners have often tended to extrapolate communication models from the developed world and apply them wholesale in local environments

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