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Rethinking University Teaching: A Framework for the Effective Use of Educational Technology

  title={Rethinking University Teaching: A Framework for the Effective Use of Educational Technology},
  author={Diana Laurillard},
Part 1 What students need from educational technology: teaching as mediating learning what students bring to learning the complexity of coming to know generating a teaching strategy. Part 2 Analyzing teaching methods and media introduction - categories of media forms: audio-visual media hypermedia interactive media adaptive media discursive media. Part 3 The design methodology: designing teaching materials setting up the learning context effective teaching with multi-media methods. 
Integrating educational technologies into teacher education: a case study
This article is a case study of an integrated, experiential approach to improving pre-service teachers’ understanding and use of educational technologies in one New Zealand teacher education
Authentic Learning for Pre-Service Teachers in a Technology-Rich Environment.
This paper shares the findings from a three year Participatory Action Research Study around the selection, implementation and effectiveness of educational technologies for enhancing learning in a
Pedagogical Hesitations in a Mobile Technology Rich Learning Environment. A Self-Study of Redefining Expertise.
At a time when advances in technologies continue to demand swift responses from education at all levels, we have used self-study to frame a critical discussion of the issues surrounding the impact of
Introducing Educational Technologies to Teachers: Experience Report
The experiences of teaching a course that introduces educational technologies to teachers in Macau is described, based on connectivism, a learning theory for the digital age that emphasizes interaction with digital media and active engagement in sharing digital artefacts.
Caught in the headlights: Designing for creative learning and teaching in higher education
This study was an exploration of the different ways that educators conceptualise and approach creative learning and teaching. The research revealed theoretical and practice-based insights,
A Window which lets in Light: The Importance of Selecting and Preparing Instructional Media in Tertiary Education
Using instructional media without prior thinking of the implications to learning is like shooting in the dark. Effective teaching and learning requires consideration of various factors among which
Multimedia and the changing experience of the learner
This paper argues for a pedagogical analysis of what the new multimedia systems can offer that will impose on them a more ambitious objective than they currently have. It begins by summarising a
Materials Design and Pedagogy for Technology-Enhanced Language Learning
  • H. Chiu
  • Education
    Int. J. Comput. Assist. Lang. Learn. Teach.
  • 2015
This study examines the experience of implementing web-work requirements for a language course in a university in Hong Kong and makes suggestions to improve pedagogy and materials design in mediated learning environments in areas regarding integration, engagement, and autonomy.
Multimedia courseware for learning types of reading text based on storytelling
The findings indicated the positive outcomes for students’ perception towards storytelling courseware in understanding types of reading text and showed that multimedia courseware gave a good effect for students in teaching and learning process.
A framework that links the use of the SubstitutionAugmentation-Modification-Redefinition framework (SAMR) framework and the conception of three levels of creativity to trigger transformative curriculum design using mobile social media as a catalyst is proposed and illustrated.