Rethinking Settler Colonialism: A Marxist Critique of Gershon Shafir

  title={Rethinking Settler Colonialism: A Marxist Critique of Gershon Shafir},
  author={Amir Locker-Biletzki},
  journal={Rethinking Marxism},
  pages={441 - 461}
In recent years, the use of settler colonialism as an analytical framework to understand the Zionist-Palestinian conflict has become prevalent. Spurred by the works of such scholars as Patrick Wolfe and Lorenzo Veracini, critical scholarship has argued that Israel as a settler-colonial society sought to eliminate the indigenous Palestinians in a bid to create a Jewish settler nation-state. The grounds for understanding the Zionist-Palestinian conflict through the settler-colonial prism have… Expand
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Where Is the Marxist Critique of Israel/Palestine?
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