Rethinking Modernism: Minority vs. Majority Theories

  title={Rethinking Modernism: Minority vs. Majority Theories},
  author={Nancy C. M. Hartsock},
  journal={Cultural Critique},
  • N. Hartsock
  • Published 23 January 1987
  • Education
  • Cultural Critique
lW A omen's studies is in many ways a curious academic field. With the exception of ethnic studies, we owe a great deal more than other academic disciplines to social movements off campus. The large exception here, of course, is ethnic studies. Indeed, we owe much of our very existence in academia to the struggles of those who did not have as their goal the creation of a new scholarly field; rather, they were interested in a much more general social transformation. Moreover, many of us in women… 

Flexible Sexism

Soja's Postmodern Geographies and Harvey's The Condition of Postmodernity are two of the major recent works within geography addressing the debate around modernity and postmodernity. Moreover both of

A sociological dilemma: Race, segregation and US sociology

The article focuses in particular on the debates around equality and emancipation and discusses the ways in which the understanding of these concepts could be extended by taking into account the work of African American sociologists and their different interpretations of core themes.

Postmodernism and the Discourse of Educational Criticism

Educational theory and practice has always been strongly wedded to the language and assumptions of modernism. Educators as diverse as John Dewey (1916), Ralph Tyler (1950), Herb Gintis (Bowles &

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This thesis is about the inter-relationship between migrancy and narrative. It is based on research carried out among expatriate Nigerians, studying the stories that they told of their time abroad

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In what follows, I want to advance the most useful and transformative aspects of border pedagogy by situating it within those broader cultural and political considerations that are beginning to

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PAGE Drawing on poststructuralist theories of gender, nation and modernity, this dissertation is an interdisciplinary exploration of American experimental women's writing and their linkages to and

Feminist theorisations of identity and difference : a case-study related to gender education policy

Abstract The intention in this paper is to explore notions of identity and difference in relation to gender and ethnic minority status within the context of Australian schooling. This is discussed

On the Politics of Theorizing in a Postmodern Academy

The authors outline a politics of academic theorizing that seeks pluralism and egalitarianism without relativism and nihilism. Their goal is to help transform the academy by knocking down the walls

Gender and Subjectivity: Simone de Beauvoir and Contemporary Feminism

  • Sonia Kruks
  • Art
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 1992
-T -:H E O R E T I CA L D E B AT E among North American feminists in the last decade has been widely influenced by postmodernism. Indeed, some have gone so far as to claim that feminist theory is

Contracting race: writing, racism, and education

This article presents the main terms of the racial contract, as they appear in the subcontracts of Mills’ theory, such as the spatial, epistemological, cognitive subcontracts. It is important to keep



Foucault on Freedom and Truth

Foucault disconcerts. In a number of ways, perhaps. But the way I want to examine is this: certain of Foucault's most interesting historical analyses, while they are highly original, seem to lie

Foucault's Body Language: A Post-Humanist Political Rhetoric

  • Salmagundi
  • 1983