Rethinking Human Trafficking in India: Nature, Extent and Identification of Survivors

  title={Rethinking Human Trafficking in India: Nature, Extent and Identification of Survivors},
  author={Siddhartha Sarkar},
  journal={The Round Table},
  pages={483 - 495}
  • S. Sarkar
  • Published 3 September 2014
  • Political Science
  • The Round Table
Abstract The scale and extent of trafficking in people remain little explored in the Indian context. Trafficking in human beings, especially in women and children, has become a matter of serious concern in India. Bonded and sex labour comprise the vast majority of human trafficking in India, though child soldiering, forced begging and organ harvesting have also been identified. The accessibility of the trafficker to the prospective victim is an important factor in trafficking. The method… 
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