Rethinking Home: A Case for Writing Local History

  title={Rethinking Home: A Case for Writing Local History},
  author={J. Amato},
Maps Foreword Introduction. The Concept and the Practitioners of Local History 1. A Place Called Home 2. Grasses, Waters, and Muskrats: A Region's Compasses 3. The Rule of Market and the Law of the Land 4. Writing History through the Senses: Sounds 5. Anger: Mapping the Emotional Landscape 6. The Clandestine 7. Madness 8. Madame Bovary and a Lilac Shirt: Literature and Local History 9. The Red Rock: Inventing Peoples and Towns 10. Business First and Always Conclusion: The Plight of the Local… Expand
Rethinking Local History: An Interview with Joseph A. Amato
IN AN IMPORTANT NEW BOOK, Rethinking Home: A Case forWriting Local History,Joseph A. Amato makes the casefor an innovative approach to writing local history. Drawing on his background in EuropeanExpand
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