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Rethinking Freedom: Why Freedom Has Lost Its Meaning and What Can Be Done to Save It

  title={Rethinking Freedom: Why Freedom Has Lost Its Meaning and What Can Be Done to Save It},
  author={C. Fred Alford},
Psychoanalysis has suffered rough treatment in American mass media in recent decades. Dubious sweeping neurological claims have displaced what are regarded as dubious “talking cure” claims. This cultural trend is reflected in the reflex-like skepticism with which especially under-50 scholars behold the works of Sigmund Freud and his schismatic followers. Political scientists rarely bother with psychoanalysis or tend at best to exhibit a “Freud for Beginners’ grasp of the enterprise, which is… 
Universal Burdens : Stories of (Un)Freedom from the Unitarian Universalist Association, The MOVE Organization, and Taqwacore
Zen Buddhists have long given the following advice to attain liberation: “Eat when you’re hungry. Sleep when you’re tired.” In other words: “Freedom” is the “knowledge of necessity” (Hegel, Marx, and
Safety in Danger and Privacy in Privation: Ambivalent Fantasies of Natural States Invoked in Reaction to Loss
Bowker’s chapter analyzes experiences of deprivation and fantasies of privation, particularly as they are expressed in the liberal, contractarian heuristic of the state of nature. Bowker argues that
Grandiosity, Neoliberalism, and Neoconservatism
In this article, I argue that grandiosity, on both the individual and the collective level, is in part a response to dramatic cultural changes, particularly the solidification of neoliberalism in the
Making children's independent mobility part of the planning agenda
This paper argues that children's independent mobility (CIM) confronts dominant conceptions of freedom and mobility that are embedded within neo-liberal economic and democratic practices. Using
Psychology and the natural law of reparation
Preface 1. Antigone and the natural law 2. Younger people, relativism, and the natural law 3. Natural law and natural evil 4. Making reparation moral.
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