Retention of xenon in quartz and Earth's missing xenon.

  title={Retention of xenon in quartz and Earth's missing xenon.},
  author={Chryst{\`e}le Sanloup and Burkhard C. Schmidt and Eva Maria Chamorro Perez and Albert Jambon and Eugene Gregoryanz and Mohamed Mezouar},
  volume={310 5751},
The reactivity of xenon with terrestrial oxides was investigated by in situ synchrotron x-ray diffraction. At high temperature (T > 500 kelvin), some silicon was reduced, and the pressure stability of quartz was expanded, attesting to the substitution of some xenon for silicon. When the quartz was quenched, xenon diffused out and only a few weight percent remained trapped in samples. These results show that xenon can be covalently bonded to oxygen in quartz in the lower continental crust… CONTINUE READING

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