Rete mirabile of goat: in vitro effects of adrenergic stimulation.

  title={Rete mirabile of goat: in vitro effects of adrenergic stimulation.},
  author={Godofredo Di{\'e}guez and M Victoria Conde and Bernardino G{\'o}mez and Juan Raymundo Iglesias and Jes{\'u}s Mar{\'i}n and Salvador Lluch},
  journal={Brain research},
  volume={289 1-2},
The carotid rete of the goat, a network of small arteries, is placed in the pathway of the main arteries which supply the brain. This structure lies within the cavernous sinus on each side of the pituitary. The presence of a carotid rete in many mammals has led to frequent speculations about its physiological function. The present study was designed to examine comparatively the responsiveness of goat retial and cerebral arteries to direct or indirect adrenergic stimulation. The contractile… CONTINUE READING

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