Retarded resonance Casimir–Polder interaction of a uniformly rotating two-atom system

  title={Retarded resonance Casimir–Polder interaction of a uniformly rotating two-atom system},
  author={Saptarshi Saha and Chiranjeeb Singha and Arpan Chatterjee},
  journal={arXiv: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology},
We consider here, a two-atom system is uniformly moving through a circular ring at an ultra-relativistic speed and weakly interacting with common external fields. The vacuum fluctuations of the quantum fields generate the entanglement between the atoms. Hence an effective energy shift is originated, which depends on the inter-atomic distance. This is commonly known as resonance Casimir-Polder interaction (RCPI). It is well known that, for a linearly accelerated system coupled with a massless… 


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