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Resurrection: Essays in honour of Leslie Houlden

  title={Resurrection: Essays in honour of Leslie Houlden},
  author={Stephen C. Barton and Graham N. Stanton and J. Leslie Houlden},
What are the resurrection narratives in the Gospels designed to tell us? And what is the continuing theological significance of the resurrection for today? These are just some of the questions addressed in this title. 
Redescribing the Resurrection: Beyond the Methodological Impasse?
The resurrection of Jesus is the central claim of the Christian faith. It is what makes Christianity a distinctive, perhaps even unique religion—the claim that “God raised Jesus from the dead.” That
Resurrection Research From 1975 to the Present: What are Critical Scholars Saying?
An overview of resurrection research in Europe and North America during the last 30 years indicates some expected as well as some surprising trends. This study highlights six of these major research
How to speak with intellectual and theological decency on the resurrection of Christ?: A comparison of Swinburne and Wright
Abstract In recent scholarship the spiritual reading of the New Testament resurrection stories has come under pressure from new studies of the relevant data. In this article, two of the most
A Bakhtinian re-reading of the Resurrection of Jesus discourses
The process of reading and meaning-making is complex, ever-evolving and multi-faceted. This dynamism essentially displaces empiricism and its positivistic outlook. The Bakhtinian paradigm adopted in
What did Women do for the Early Church? The Recent History of a Question
  • J. Lieu
  • History
    Studies in Church History
  • 2013
The question posed in the title deliberately reverses one that has accompanied me through my academic career: what did the early church do for women? The reversal signals what will prove to be an
"He Appeared to Peter": Reconsidering the Hallucination Hypothesis
Abstract:In this article, I challenge Wright's view that the bodily resurrection of Jesus provides the "only sufficient and necessary explanation" for the New Testament accounts of the empty tomb and