Resurrecting Surviving Neandertal Lineages from Modern Human Genomes

  title={Resurrecting Surviving Neandertal Lineages from Modern Human Genomes},
  author={B. Vernot and J. Akey},
  pages={1017 - 1021}
  • B. Vernot, J. Akey
  • Published 2014
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • Neandertal Shadows in Us Non-African modern humans carry a remnant of Neandertal DNA from interbreeding events that have been postulated to have occurred as humans migrated out of Africa. While the total amount of Neandertal sequence is estimated to be less than 3% of the modern genome, the specific retained sequences vary among individuals. Analyzing the genomes of more than 600 Europeans and East Asians, Vernot and Akey (p. 1017, published online 29 January) identified Neandertal sequences… CONTINUE READING
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