Resumptive Pronouns in Relative Clauses

  title={Resumptive Pronouns in Relative Clauses},
  author={Yael Sharvit},
  journal={Natural Language \& Linguistic Theory},
  • Y. Sharvit
  • Published 1 August 1999
  • Linguistics
  • Natural Language & Linguistic Theory
This paper discusses the role of traces and resumptive pronouns as triggers of functional/pair-list readings of Hebrew restrictive relative clauses. It is claimed that the type of sentence which embeds the relative clause affects the binding options inside it. A relative clause formed of a chain that ends in a trace triggers functional/pair-list readings regardless of the type of sentence which embeds the relative clause. On the other hand, a relative clause formed of a chain that ends in a… 
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It is proposed that the processing of pronouns differs from theprocessing of gaps, and it is claimed that one of the functions of Hebrew resumptives is to mark restrictive focus.
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The Syntax of Crossing Coreference Sentences By Pauline Ida Jacobson A.B. (University of California) 1968;submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of doctor of PhilosOPHY in Linguistics in the GRADUATE DIVISION of the UNIVERSITY of CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY.
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Res. de these par l'A. A partir de donnees du suedois, de l'hebreu, de l'irlandais et du gallois, l'A. montre la diversite du phenomene et ses consequences pour deux modeles : gouvernement-liage et