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Resummation of large logarithms in the VFN scheme for DIS heavy-quark production

  title={Resummation of large logarithms in the VFN scheme for DIS heavy-quark production},
  author={Sergey I. Alekhin and Johannes Bluemlein and S. Moch},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology},
We consider the impact of the resummation of large logarithms, which appear in the QCD evolution of the heavy-quark distributions, on the phenomenology of deep-inelastic heavy-quark production. The heavy-quark PDFs are derived using the fixed-order matching conditions as a boundary for the QCD evolution and the result obtained is compared to the distributions defined by the matching conditions at all scales. With such an approach, the effect of heavy-quark PDF evolution is found to be sizable… 

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