Resummation of double logarithms in electroweak high energy processes


At future linear e+e− collider experiments in the TeV range, Sudakov double logarithms originating from massive boson exchange can lead to significant corrections to the cross sections of the observable processes. These effects are important for the high precision objectives of the Next Linear Collider. We use the infrared evolution equation, based on a gauge invariant dispersive method, to obtain double logarithmic asymptotics of scattering amplitudes and discuss how it can be applied, in the case of broken gauge symmetry, to the Standard Model of electroweak processes. We discuss the double logarithmic effects to both non-radiative processes and to processes accompanied by soft gauge boson emission. In all cases the Sudakov double logarithms are found to exponentiate. We also discuss double logarithmic effects of a non-Sudakov type which appear in Regge-like processes.

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