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Resummation and cancellation of the VIA source in electroweak baryogenesis

  title={Resummation and cancellation of the VIA source in electroweak baryogenesis},
  author={Marieke Postma and Jorinde van de Vis and Graham White},
: We re-derive the vev-insertion approximation (VIA) source in electroweak baryogenesis. In contrast to the original derivation, we rely solely on 1-particle-irreducible self-energy diagrams. We solve the Green’s function equations both perturbatively and resummed over all vev-insertions. The VIA source corresponds to the leading order contribution in the gradient expansion of the Kadanoff-Baym (KB) equations. We find that it vanishes both for bosons and fermions, both in the perturbative and in… 
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The Scalar Singlet Extension of the Standard Model: Gravitational Waves versus Baryogenesis

: We study the possible gravitational wave signal and the viability of baryogenesis arising from the electroweak phase transition in an extension of the Standard Model (SM) by a scalar singlet field

New benchmark scenarios of electroweak baryogenesis in aligned two Higgs double models

We discuss electroweak baryogenesis in aligned two Higgs doublet models. It is known that in this model the severe constraint from the experimental results for the electron electric dipole moment can



CP-violating transport theory for electroweak baryogenesis with thermal corrections

  • K. Kainulainen
  • Physics
    Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics
  • 2021
We derive CP-violating transport equations for fermions for electroweak baryogenesis from the CTP-formalism including thermal corrections at the one-loop level. We consider both the VEV-insertion

Resonant relaxation in electroweak baryogenesis

We compute the leading, chiral charge-changing relaxation term in the quantum transport equations that govern electroweak baryogenesis using the closed time path formulation of nonequilibrium quantum

A different perspective on the vev insertion approximation for electroweak baryogenesis

  • M. Postma
  • Physics
    Journal of High Energy Physics
  • 2021
Abstract In the vev insertion approximation (VIA) the spacetime dependent part of the mass matrix is treated as a perturbation. We calculate the source terms for baryogenesis expanding both the

Electroweak baryogenesis from light fermion sources: A critical study

Electroweak baryogenesis (EWBG) is sourced by nonstandard CP -violating interactions of the Higgs boson with fermions, usually taken to be the top quark, enhanced by its large Yukawa coupling.

More relaxed supersymmetric electroweak baryogenesis

We reanalyze the issue of the generation of baryon asymmetry at the electroweak phase transition in the MSSM and compute the baryon asymmetry assuming the presence of nontrivial

Towards a nonequilibrium quantum field theory approach to electroweak baryogenesis.

  • Riotto
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A general method to computeital CP violating observables from extensions of the standard model in the context of electroweak baryogenesis is proposed and relies on a nonequilibrium quantum field theory approach.

Baryogenesis from the weak scale to the grand unification scale

The current status of baryogenesis is reviewed, with an emphasis on electroweak baryogenesis and leptogenesis. The first detailed studies were carried out for SU(5) grand unified theory (GUT) models

C P violation from τ , t and b dimension-6 Yukawa couplings — interplay of baryogenesis, EDM and Higgs physics

We explore the implications of the Standard Model effective field theory (SMEFT) with dimension-six terms involving the Higgs boson and third-generation fermion fields on the rate of Higgs boson

Electroweak baryogenesis at high bubble wall velocities

It is widely believed that electroweak baryogenesis should be suppressed in strong phase transitions with fast-moving bubble walls, but this effect has never been quantitatively studied. We rederive

Source terms for electroweak baryogenesis in the vev-insertion approximation beyond leading order

In electroweak baryogenesis the baryon asymmetry of the universe is created during the electroweak phase transition. The quantum transport equations governing the dynamics of the plasma particles can