Results of ruthenium irradiation of uveal melanomas: the Dutch experience.


BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE To update our results of the treatment of uveal melanomas using ruthenium applicators in 49 patients treated with graded doses and subsequently in 52 patients with maximal scleral doses of 800 Gy and an effective top dose of at least 160 Gy. MATERIAL AND METHODS One hundred and one patients were treated with brachytherapy only, in 25 patients it was combined with transpupillary thermotherapy (TTT). RESULTS A complete remission was found in 62.6% of the patients and in 31.3% a stable disease with an average follow-up of 74.6 months. Above a top dose of 120 Gy only in one of 95 patients continuous tumour growth after treatment was observed. Useful vision could be preserved in 51.5% of the patients. The initial tumour prominence and top dose strongly correlated with treatment outcome. CONCLUSIONS Ruthenium application for uveal melanomas with the doses we have used is successful, with a substantial number of patients having their eyes preserved, their tumour controlled and their vision retained. Further improvements can be obtained with ruthenium irradiation with lower maximal scleral doses combined with TTT.

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