Results of endovascular superficial femoral endarterectomy.


BACKGROUND Endovascular superficial femoral artery (SFA) endarterectomy with a ring stripper/cutter and distal stenting has been suggested to have a patency comparable with above-knee bypass surgery. We report our initial experience with this technique. METHODS Seventeen patients (13 men and 4 women; mean age, 64 years) with SFA occlusion and above-knee… (More)


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@article{Nelson2001ResultsOE, title={Results of endovascular superficial femoral endarterectomy.}, author={Peter R. Nelson and Richard James Powell and Richard R Proia and Marc L. Schermerhorn and Mark F. Fillinger and Robert Matthew Zwolak and Daniel B Walsh and Jack L. Cronenwett}, journal={Journal of vascular surgery}, year={2001}, volume={34 3}, pages={526-31} }