Results of benchmark calculations based on OLHF-1 test

  title={Results of benchmark calculations based on OLHF-1 test},
  author={L. Nicolas and Michel Durin and V. Koundy and E. Mathet and Andrea Bucalossi and Peter Eisert and J. Sievers and Leigh Humphries and James L. Smith and Vladislav Pi{\vs}tora and Kari Ikonen},
Abstract The subject of this paper is to compare the results of the different calculations performed by the benchmark participants in the framework of the OECD Lower Head Failure (OLHF) program. The benchmark consists in the finite element (FE) calculation or in analytical calculations of the mechanical behavior of the OLHF-1 experiment. Seven participants from six countries and seven companies or organizations (AVN, VTT, GRS, UJV, SNL, IPSN and CEA) have performed the benchmark. The OLHF… CONTINUE READING