Results of behavioral treatment (biofeedback) for solitary rectal ulcer syndrome.

  title={Results of behavioral treatment (biofeedback) for solitary rectal ulcer syndrome.},
  author={Andrew J. Malouf and Carolynne J. Vaizey and M. Kamm},
  journal={Diseases of the colon and rectum},
  volume={44 1},
BACKGROUND Treatment of solitary rectal ulcer syndrome with behavioral techniques (biofeedback) has been shown to be successful in a majority of patients in the short term. We aimed to determine the longer-term outcome of patients treated with this therapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Thirteen consecutive patients (3 male; median age, 34 years) with solitary rectal ulcer who had been treated by biofeedback and assessed a median of nine months after treatment were reassessed by questionnaire. Three… CONTINUE READING
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