[Results of Shuldays' surgery in elective and urgent surgery].


Results of treatment of inguinal hernias with multilayer plastic reconstruction (PR) according to Shuldays in elective and urgent surgery are analyzed. Advantages of multilayer PR are evaluated. In long-term period (up to 3 years) recurrences were seen in 0.5 to 1.0%. This is 10 times less than in plastic surgeries of anterior wall. Multilayer PR is particularly indicated for patients over 40 years with long anamnesis, weak tendinous structures, severe destruction of the posterior wall. This surgery is universal, can be performed in elective and urgent situations.

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@article{Nesterenko2005ResultsOS, title={[Results of Shuldays' surgery in elective and urgent surgery].}, author={Iu A Nesterenko and R. M. Gaziev and R R Mudarisov}, journal={Khirurgiia}, year={2005}, volume={2}, pages={49-53} }