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Results from the Y(5S) engineering run (BELLE)

  title={Results from the Y(5S) engineering run (BELLE)},
  author={A. Drutskoy and for the Belle collaboration},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Experiment},
We report results based on a 1.86 fb$^{-1}$ data sample collected on the $\Upsilon$(5S) resonance by the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric energy $e^+ e^-$ collider. The inclusive production of $D_s$, $D^0$ and $J/\psi$ mesons at the $\Upsilon$(5S) is studied. From the $D_s$ inclusive branching fraction the ratio $f_s = (16.4 \pm 1.4 \pm 4.1)%$ of $B_s^{(*)} \bar{B}_s^{(*)}$ to the total $b\bar{b}$ quark pair production at the $\Upsilon$(5S) energy is obtained in a model dependent way. The… Expand
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