Results from a first prototype of a Compton prostate probe

  title={Results from a first prototype of a Compton prostate probe},
  author={C. Lacasta and J. Bernab{\'e}u and D. Burdette and E. Chesi and N. Clinthorne and Y. Dewaraja and K. Honscheid and H. Kagan and G. Llos{\'a} and M. Mikuz and P. Modesto and W. Rogers and A. Studen and P. Weilhammer and L. Zhang and D. Žontar},
  journal={IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, 2005},
A first prototype of a Compton prostate probe has been built using a stack of five 4times1 cm2, 1 mm thick silicon pad detectors as a scatter detector, surrounded by three scintillation detectors in which the absorption of the scattered photons takes place. The silicon pad dimensions are 1.4times1.4 mm which provide the required spatial resolution. The energy resolution in the silicon sensors is about 1.4 keV FWHM as determined from several gamma sources. The results obtained validate the… Expand

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