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Resultados da Pesquisa sobre Saúde e Qualidade de Vida Aplicada em Evento de Saúde

  title={Resultados da Pesquisa sobre Sa{\'u}de e Qualidade de Vida Aplicada em Evento de Sa{\'u}de},
  author={Adriana Chalita and Glinia Pontes},
This article presents the results of the research on health and life quality carried out by the International Organization of Conscientiotherapy - OIC, at the event called Action in Consciential Health held in August, 2008 in the city of Foz do Iguacu, state of Parana, Brazil. 140 people responded to a 35-question survey on health and quality of life. The respondents were from both inside and outside of the Cognopolis, ICCC volunteers or not. The survey had 5.880 items analyzed, which… Expand

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