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Resultados científicos del proyecto "Macaronesia 2000" Chinijo-2000: moluscos opistobranquios

  title={Resultados cient{\'i}ficos del proyecto "Macaronesia 2000" Chinijo-2000: moluscos opistobranquios},
  author={Jes{\'u}s {\'A}ngel Ortea Rato and Leopoldo Moro Abad and Manuel Caballer Guti{\'e}rrez and Juan Jos{\'e} Bacallado Ar{\'a}nega},
Actualización del catálogo de los moluscos opistobranquios (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia) de las costas catalanas
Update of the catalog of opisthobranch mollusks (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia) from the Catalan Coasts.—An extension of the checklist of opisthobranch species (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia) known fromExpand
On the presence of elusive sea slugs and snails in the western Mediterranean (Mollusca: Gastropoda): new records
This study collects new records of elusive sea slugs and snails in the Western Mediterranean coast (especially in the Catalan coast and the French Mediterranean coast) and contributes to new ecological information regarding phenology, diet, and behaviour. Expand
Remarks on Philine striatula Monterosato, 1874 ex Jeffreys ms., with a survey on Philinidae J.E. Gray, 1850 (1815) sensu lato (Gastropoda: Cephalaspidea) recently ascribed to the Mediterranean fauna
The present paper lays basis on confirmed/unconfirmed occurrences of Philine taxa in the Mediterranean, and first describes intraspecific variability of a rare and problematic species. Expand
Diversity and systematics of philinid snails (Gastropoda: Cephalaspidea) in West Africa with remarks on the biogeography of the region
The diversity and systematics of the West African species of Philinidae sensu lato are reviewed based on a comprehensive literature review and the study of shells, anatomy and DNA sequence data of novel specimens obtained by the R/V Dr Fridtjof Nansen between Morocco and Angola. Expand
Revision of the systematics of Babakina Roller, 1973 (Mollusca: Opisthobranchia) with the description of a new species and a phylogenetic analysis
The results demonstrate that the three described species of Babakina Roller, 1973 are differentiated by external and internal anatomical differences, and preliminary phylogenetic analysis indicates that Babakinidae represents a monophyletic taxon. Expand