Result of school-based intervention on cardiovascular risk factors

  title={Result of school-based intervention on cardiovascular risk factors},
  author={Hannes Hrafnkelsson and Kristjan Th. Magnusson and Inga Th{\'o}rsd{\'o}ttir and Erlingur Johannsson and Emil L. Sigurdsson},
  booktitle={Scandinavian journal of primary health care},
OBJECTIVE To assess the effectiveness of a two-year school-based intervention, consisting of integrated and replicable physical activity and nutritional education on weight, fat percentage, cardiovascular risk factors, and blood pressure. DESIGN AND SETTING Six elementary schools in Reykjavik were randomly assigned to be either intervention (n = 3) or control (n = 3) schools. Seven-year-old children in the second grade in these schools were invited to participate (n = 321); 268 (83… CONTINUE READING