Result of endoscopic biliary drainage in hilar cholangiocarcinoma.

  title={Result of endoscopic biliary drainage in hilar cholangiocarcinoma.},
  author={Rungsun Rerknimitr and Nusont Kladcharoen and Varocha Mahachai and Pinit Kullavanijaya},
  journal={Journal of clinical gastroenterology},
  volume={38 6},
Patients with hilar obstruction usually require bilateral biliary drainage. The prognosis of patients who fail bilateral biliary drainage after contrast injection into both intrahepatic ducts is poor due to a high infection rate in the undrained segments. The incidence of post-endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography cholangitis in those with successful bilateral biliary drainage was less, but still significant. Incomplete subsegmental intrahepatic duct drainage is suggested to be… CONTINUE READING