Restructuring of the sponge microbiome favors tolerance to ocean acidification.

  title={Restructuring of the sponge microbiome favors tolerance to ocean acidification.},
  author={Mauricio Ribes and Eva Trillo Calvo and Juan Ignacio Movilla and Ramiro Logares and Rafael Coma and Carles Pelejero},
  journal={Environmental microbiology reports},
  volume={8 4},
Ocean acidification is increasing and affects many marine organisms. However, certain sponge species can withstand low-pH conditions. This may be related to their complex association with microbes. We hypothesized that species with greater microbial diversity may develop functional redundancy that could enable the holobiont to survive even if particular microbes are lost at low-pH conditions. We evaluated the effects of acidification on the growth and associated microbes of three ubiquitous… CONTINUE READING