Restricted Invertibility and the Banach-Mazur distance to the cube

  title={Restricted Invertibility and the Banach-Mazur distance to the cube},
  author={Pierre Youssef},
We prove a normalized version of the restricted invertibility principle obtained by Spielman-Srivastava. Applying this result, we get a new proof of the proportional Dvoretzky-Rogers factorization theorem recovering the best current estimate. As a consequence, we also recover the best known estimate for the Banach-Mazur distance to the cube: the distance of every n-dimensional normed space from \ell_{\infty}^n is at most (2n)^(5/6). Finally, using tools from the work of Batson-Spielman… 

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This paper provides a deterministic method for selecting a column sub-matrix from $B$ and presents a bound for both the Frobenius and the spectral matrix norms of the pseudoinverse of the sampled matrix with showing that the bound is asymptotically optimal.



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We show the existence of a sequence (λn) of scalars withλn=o(n) such that, for any symmetric compact convex bodyB ⊂Rn, there is an affine transformationT satisfyingQ ⊂T(B) ⊂λnQ, whereQ is

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Absolute and Unconditional Convergence in Normed Linear Spaces.

  • A. DvoretzkyC. Rogers
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1950
The method of proof yields not only Theorem 1 but also the following result, which is easy to give examples of such series in Hilbert space and similar examples have been given for all the usually encountered infinitely dimensional Banach spaces.

Spectral sparsification and restricted invertibility

In this thesis we prove the following two basic statements in linear algebra. Let B be an arbitrary n × m in matrix where m ≥ n and suppose 0 < e < 1 is given. (1) Spectral Sparsification . There is


If X is an n-dimensional normed space, and d denotes the Banach-Mazur distance, then d(X, l ∞ n ) ≤ cn 5/6.

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