Restraint stress reversibly enhances spatial memory performance.

  title={Restraint stress reversibly enhances spatial memory performance.},
  author={Vicki Luine and Carmen Mart{\'i}nez and Michael Villegas and Ana Mar{\'i}a Magari{\~n}os and Bruce S. McEwen},
  journal={Physiology & behavior},
  volume={59 1},
The effects of restraint stress on performance of a spatial memory task, the eight arm radial maze, was examined in rats. When stress was given for 6 h/day for 7 days and performance evaluated days 10-13 post stress, no effect on performance was noted; however, daily restraint stress for 13 days caused a small, but significant, enhancement of performance days 10-13 post stress. Stressed rats performed better than controls: their number of correct choices in the first 8 visits was higher than… CONTINUE READING

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