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Restoration of the Endodontically Treated Tooth

  title={Restoration of the Endodontically Treated Tooth},
  author={Dorothy McComb},
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A radiographic study regarding post retained restorations.
The improvement of endodontically treated teeth restorations retention with posts is appropriate as long as post preparation does not undermine the remaining tooth structure. Expand
The Influence of Post in Endodontically Treated Molar Abutment on Fixed Dentures Success Rate
It can be concluded that for cases with adequate tooth stucture, the influ-ence of post placement in endodontically treated molar abutment to fixed partial dentures success rate is very limited. Expand
Radiographic Evaluation of Post-core Restorations fabricated by Dental Students at Jazan University.
Qualities of assessed post and core restorations conducted by the 6th year dental students were clinically acceptable, and will improve quality of services and treatments provided by dental students to their patients under the supervision of the faculty. Expand
Effect of novel restoration techniques on the fracture resistance of teeth treated endodontically: An in vitro study.
Fiber-reinforcement improved the fracture strength of teeth with large MOD cavities treated endodontically and can be used reliably as well as nano-hybrid composites. Expand
Survival Rates of Primary Endodontic Therapy Following Core/Post and Crown Placement
Along with other factors, such as provider type, this study shows that the long-term survival rates of initial endodontic therapy are significantly higher when the core/post is placed within 60 days following NS RCT and the crown isplaced within 60 Days following the core-post. Expand
A survey of dental practitioners in Wales to evaluate the management of deep carious lesions with vital pulp therapy in permanent teeth
Objective To evaluate the management of deep carious lesions with vital pulp therapy in permanent teeth by dental practitioners within Wales.Design Postal questionnaire.Setting General practitionersExpand
Fiber Reinforced Composite Posts-A Review of Literature
During the last years a significant progress in the development of bondable fiber reinforced composite (FRC) posts for reinforcing the endodontically treated teeth was observed. A lot of advantagesExpand
Prevalencia de fractura del diente endodonciado en relación a la restauración final.
Introduccion: La rehabilitacion de los dientes tratados endodonticamente consigue especial atencion, ya que generalmente deben ser sometidos a ciertos procedimientos clinicos que les garanticenExpand


Are posts mandatory for the restoration of endodontically treated teeth?
The need to reappraise the utilization of posts in the restoration of endodontically treated teeth cannot be overstated. Expand
Restoration of endodontically treated teeth.
Criteria have been presented for the evaluation of and treatment planning for endodontically treated teeth for final restoration. The dentist must consider the advantages and disadvantages of savingExpand
How to kill a tooth.
Several potential preventable reasons for increased pulpal death and the resultant need for endodontic therapy are discussed in this article. Expand
Restoring endodontically treated teeth with posts and cores--a review.
These guidelines for the reconstruction of endodontically treated teeth by posts and cores are based mainly on in vitro studies with an evidence level of II a or II b, as there is a lack of randomized clinical studies available. Expand
Failure of endodontically treated teeth: classification and evaluation.
  • D. Vire
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Journal of endodontics
  • 1991
All endodontically treated teeth that were extracted over a 1-yr period in a busy group practice were evaluated for cause of failure and crowned teeth that had been crowned had greater longevity than uncrowned teeth. Expand
In vitro comparison of dowel and core techniques for endodontically treated molars.
The failure resistance of some restoration methods utilizing amalgam was investigated under an oblique load and the results suggest that intracoronal reinforcement with a prefabricated dowel did not significantly increase the in vitro resistance. Expand
Endodontic and esthetic/restorative treatment of the same tooth: a synergistic approach for successful outcomes.
  • L. Lopez
  • Medicine
  • Compendium of continuing education in dentistry
  • 2005
A synergistic approach to treating teeth requiring both endodontic and restorative treatment is described, to ensure postoperative root strength, prevent vertical root fracture, and retain the core of the restoration. Expand
Factors to consider for predictable post and core build-ups of endodontically treated teeth. Part I: Basic theoretical concepts.
Parts I and II of this paper reviews some basic theoretical concepts for the dentist to consider when producing a predictable post and core build-up. Expand
Endodontic failure caused by inadequate restorative procedures: review and treatment recommendations.
The literature suggests that the prognosis of root canal-treated teeth can be improved by sealing the canal and minimizing the leakage of oral fluids and bacteria into the periradicular areas as soon as possible after the completion ofRoot canal therapy. Expand
A review of the management of endodontically treated teeth. Post, core and the final restoration.
The author provides a review of the principles for the use of post and core, crowns and the different materials available today to help clinicians make a clinical decision based on sound evidence. Expand