Restoration of longitudinal forearm stability using a suture button construct.

  title={Restoration of longitudinal forearm stability using a suture button construct.},
  author={Matthew L Drake and Gerald L Farber and Kacey L White and Brent G. Parks and Keith A. Segalman},
  journal={The Journal of hand surgery},
  volume={35 12},
PURPOSE This study proposed a method of restoring the longitudinal stability of the forearm provided by the central band of the interosseous membrane (IOM) by using a percutaneously placed suture button construct. We hypothesized that supporting the forearm IOM with a suture button construct would restore longitudinal stability in a cadaveric model of the Essex-Lopresti lesion. METHODS We assessed 7 adult cadaver upper extremities radiographically for evidence of previous elbow, forearm, or… CONTINUE READING

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