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Restoration of a total maxillectomy patient using endosseous implants.

  title={Restoration of a total maxillectomy patient using endosseous implants.},
  author={Jack L. Kabcenell and D Silken and R Kraut},
  journal={The International journal of prosthodontics},
  volume={5 2},
A vehicular accident resulted in a total maxillectomy for the patient compromising deglutition, mastication, speech, and appearance. Bone grafting provided a site for the placement of endosseous implants. The implants were used as stabilization for a prosthesis that resolved these problems. The prosthesis consisted of a multipart substructure attached to the implants. The superstructure was in intimate contact with the substructure, obturated the defect, and provided occlusal contacts, palatal… CONTINUE READING