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Restoration of Natural Forest Ecosystems : The Genetic Resource

  title={Restoration of Natural Forest Ecosystems : The Genetic Resource},
  author={R. Schmidtling},
Restoration of many forest ecosystems will require replanting of native species. Choosing the proper seed source is essential to ensure long-term success of restoration plantings, especially if local seed sources are unavailable or genetically degraded. A successful restoration requires seed sources that are adapted to the climate and site, and are genetically diverse to allow subsequent reproduction and adaptation. 


Conifers : status survey and conservation action plan
This action plan assess conifer diversity and its threats is unique among IUCN's Plant Action Plans so far published, in that it gives the complete global red list of conifers using the 1994 I UCN Red List Categories and criteria. Expand
Allozyme Diversity of Selected and Natural Loblolly Pine Populations
Allozyme variation as well as variation in cortical monoterpenes and fusiform rust resistance suggests that loblolly pine resided in two refugia during the Pleistocene; one in south Texas / northeast Mexico and one in South Florida / Caribbean. Expand
USDA Plant hardiness zone map. USDA-Agricultural Research Service Misc
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