Restoration Political Theory and the Debate over the Law of the Double Vote

  title={Restoration Political Theory and the Debate over the Law of the Double Vote},
  author={Alan Barrie Spitzer},
  journal={The Journal of Modern History},
  pages={54 - 70}
  • A. Spitzer
  • Published 1983
  • Political Science
  • The Journal of Modern History
There is a minor entry in that peculiar calendar of French insurrectionary days for the June days of 1820. These were mild days indeed compared to the climate of June 1848, but quite significant as an expression of the broad and bitter conflict over proposals to revise the electoral system then being debated in the Chamber of Deputies. This debate was accompanied by a flood of pamphlets, press commentary, and petitions, and characterized by ferocious parliamentary exchanges that pulled the… Expand
Parliamentarism: From Burke to Weber
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Une analyse de la loi électorale du 29 juin 1820
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Conceptions of England and its Constitution in Nineteenth-Century French Political Thought
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‘L’âme générale d’une assemblée’: A neglected parliamentarian and the restoration theory of representation
  • G. Conti
  • Political Science
  • Global Intellectual History
  • 2019
ABSTRACTThe Restoration remains an underserved era in the historiography of French political thought, particularly in scholarship focused on liberalism and representation. This article begins to re...
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Adamson, Walter L. (R) 152 Adamson, Walter L. Benedetto Croce and the Death of Ideology, (A) 208 Agricoltura e societa nella Maremma grossetana dell'800: Giornate di Studio per il CentenarioExpand