Restless Dreams and Shattered Memories: Psychoanalysis and Silent Hill

  title={Restless Dreams and Shattered Memories: Psychoanalysis and Silent Hill},
  author={Ewan Kirkland},
  journal={Brumal: Revista de Investigaci{\'o}n sobre lo Fant{\'a}stico},
  • Ewan Kirkland
  • Published 18 May 2015
  • History
  • Brumal: Revista de Investigación sobre lo Fantástico
This paper applies psychoanalytic frameworks to the survival horror franchise Silent Hill, a series which is itself informed by psychoanalytic themes. Concerns include the construction of game space as maternal womb, cinematic sequences as primal fantasies, and the representation of memory across the games within a psychoanalytic context. The horror genres’ preoccupation with monstrous mother figures is evident in boss battle adversaries, the depiction of gamespaces as bloody «maternal caves… 
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