Resting Metabolic Rate Analysis in Chronic Hemiparesis Patients

  title={Resting Metabolic Rate Analysis in Chronic Hemiparesis Patients},
  author={Mauricio de Sant’Anna and Leonardo Coelho Eboli and Julio Guilherme da Silva and Alan Gomes dos Santos and Michele Lourenço and Adalgiza Mafra Moreno and Gabriel de Freitas and Marco Orsini},
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The objective of the present study was to compare resting metabolic rate (RMR) of chronic hemiparetic patients to sedentary health individuals. The sample was composed of 16 individuals, that were divided into two groups. The first group had eight hemiparetic patients and the second group was formed by eight sedentary individuals. To access and analyze the gases information a VO2000 analyzer was used. The following variables were measured: VO2, VCO2, VE, QR, grams of fat (GrFAT), grams of… CONTINUE READING