Responses to chronic hypoxia in embryonic alligators.

  title={Responses to chronic hypoxia in embryonic alligators.},
  author={Stephen J Warburton and David Hastings and Tobias Wang},
  journal={The Journal of experimental zoology},
  volume={273 1},
To investigate developmental responses to chronic hypoxia, we incubated alligator eggs at 17% O2 and 21% O2 for the entire course of embryonic development and for 5 months post-hatching. Hypoxic-incubated alligators hatched later and at a smaller size. Hematocrit was significantly higher in hypoxic-incubated animals immediately post-hatch. Allosteric modification of hemoglobin oxygen affinity did not appear to play a role in the adaptation to hypoxia, given equal nucleotide triphosphate-to… CONTINUE READING

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