Responses of neurons in visual cortex (V1 and V2) of the alert macaque to dynamic random-dot stereograms

  title={Responses of neurons in visual cortex (V1 and V2) of the alert macaque to dynamic random-dot stereograms},
  author={G. Poggio and B. C. Motter and S. Squatrito and Y. Trotter},
  journal={Vision Research},
A substantial proportion of both simple and complex neurons in the cortex subserving central vision are differentially sensitive to binocular disparity of isolated line patterns (local stereopsis), a sensitivity based on a positional disparity between the neuron's receptive fields in the two eyes. In addition, a subset of cortical neurons, nearly all complex neurons, responds to dynamic random-dot stereograms containing no depth cues other than disparity. These neurons are capable of signaling… Expand
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