Responses of neotropical mangrove seedlings grown in monoculture and mixed culture under treatments of hydroperiod and salinity

  title={Responses of neotropical mangrove seedlings grown in monoculture and mixed culture under treatments of hydroperiod and salinity},
  author={Pablo Cardona-Olarte and Robert R Twilley and Ken W Krauss and V{\'i}ctor H. Rivera-Monroy},
We investigated the combined effects of salinity and hydroperiod on seedlings of Rhizophora mangle and Laguncularia racemosa grown under experimental conditions of monoculture and mixed culture by using a simulated tidal system. The objective was to test hypotheses relative to species interactions to either tidal or permanent flooding at salinities of 10 or 40 g/l. Four-month-old seedlings were experimentally manipulated under these environmental conditions in two types of species interactions… CONTINUE READING
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